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Re: toolchain/42242 (tools build broken)

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 09:04:09AM -0400, Christos Zoulas wrote:

> | 2. Fixing m4 didn't make toolchain lex work, as toolchain m4 wasn't
> | installed in time. It seems to me that the .WAIT magic used in the
> | tools Makefiles doesn't work as expected, but only forces early
> | installation of the tool immediately before the .WAIT in the list.
> | (This is from observation, not from fully understanding the
> |  higher-order Makefile magic used.)
> | 
> | Giving m4 its own .WAIT fixed this for me; maybe a full rewrite
> | of the Makefile magic would be better in the long run.
> Are you sure this is needed. I will add it anyway, but it looks fishy
> to me.

which "this"?

2., first paragraph, is needed. apb pointed out that it's even documented
in some comment of the tools/Makefile:

# For each .WAIT point, make sure the immediately preceding target is
# installed before building anything after that point.
# (dsl: which means that with: 'a b .WAIT c' the build of 'c' waits for the
# install of 'b', but not the install of 'a'.)

Given this, my 2nd paragraph is bogus.

I've committed the above patch, because I didn't see your message in
time; feel free to do corrections if needed.


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