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Re: kern/42241 (Problems with AIO and Samba)


> As already written in 
> , Samba 
> compilied with AIO support and aio read/write enabled in smb.conf doesn't 
> work 
> correctly. The connection is dropped after some time (randomly with normal 
> usage, pretty fast with Bart's Stuff Test 5, see "How to repeat").
> A quick testrun produced a 46M ktrace.out file (120M "decoded" with kdump), 
> which showed nothing suspicious IMHO

Can you show us the end of ktrace output?  Interest is in last aio syscall
sequences and where it is stuck.

> Running smbd with '-i' makes Samba quit during the test (I see a SIGTERM in 
> ktrace), running it daemonized '-D' just spawns a new child it seems.

ktrace(1) has option '-i' to trace children of process.



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