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NetBSD-5 Problems with Samba and AIO


with asynchronous I/O as a major new feature in the 5.0 NetBSD release, I
thought I could give it a try and the first application with AIO support that
came to my mind was... Samba

So, I recompiled Samba with the following line

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-aio-support

added to pkgsrc/net/samba/Makefile, configure output shows everything's
detected etc. and no compile-time (or run-time later) error occurred

next step was adding

aio read size = 4096
aio write size = 4096

to smb.conf

But... I does not work correctly, the Windows XP client <-> NetBSD 5.0.1
Samba server connection is dropped after some time, nothing in the Samba
logs, and I have no idea why (this does *not* happen when AIO is disabled or
commented out in smb.conf)

If anyone here wants to reproduce this, I found Bart's Stuff Test 5
( ) can be used to trigger the disconnect/failure
easily, just run the test(s) on the samba share, it takes only a few seconds
here to stall+error the program (so, the test never even comes close to

I've used the same smb.conf without problems (and with AIO enabled ofc) on
both FreeBSD and Solaris10, and never had any problems with it, so I guess
it's neither a configuration issue nor faulty AIO code inside Samba)

To draw a conclusion, I'd be glad for pointers how to further analyze (and,
hopefully, fix) this strange problem


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