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Re: kern/40605

>  Unfortunately, your patch does not fix the problem. I want to emphasize that 
> I
>  have an 8168B/8111B card, so RTKQ_DESCV2 will not be set. In your patch, for
>  the if-part, you still only check RE_RDESC_STAT_PROTOID, but not

Hmm, 8168B and C have the same PCI device ID, so we have to check
hwrev values to identify them. Julien's one is 8168C_SPIN2:
>> re0: Unknown revision (0x3c400000)
What exact hwrev value is yours?

If !DESCV2 8168 chips actually could set PROTOID even for non-IPv4 packets,
we might also have to check ip->ip_p in IP header..

>  Is this intended? Or was it a mix-up, maybe related to revision 1.113 of
>  rtl8169.c?

BTW, does ip4csum/tcp4csum/udp4csum work on yours?
Izumi Tsutsui

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