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Re: port-atari/40316: "df: not found" printed while MAKEDEVallruns on NetBSD Atari install

>  The mount_fdesc(8) man page doesn't have an example, but I thought that
>  common usage was something like:
>       mount -t fdesc -o union fdesc /dev

Ah, my bad. Sorry for noise.

>  > Anyway, sysinst.fs for atari seems to have some free space
>  > so adding df(1) into it might be safer for netbsd-5 branch
>  > because changes against MAKEDEV.tmpl affects all ports
>  > and crossbuild environments.
>  Then you have to check whether any other ports also need df to be added
>  to their install file systems.

Well, it will be done by other guys who really want to suppress
(harmless) error messages..

I'll add df(1) to atari's sysinst.fs because it's still useful
even on installation and atari still has good users who can test it :-)
Izumi Tsutsui

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