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Re: port-atari/40315: Bootloader fails on Atarit TT030

> The next (final?) install blocker is that the bootloader fails to operate.
> My system is using an 18gb SCSI disk.

I don't know how primary bootstrap code is loaded by the TT030
hardware (maybe by the onboard BIOS or something like that?),
but I'm afraid 90's firmware might not support reading
(or seeking to) sectors beyond 2GB (i.e. INT32_MAX) limit.

How did you create BSD partition in your disk?
Can you try to create a smaller root partition (i.e. partition a)
then 2GB manually during sysinst?

> Here is a disk image from an install of 200812310000Z HEAD:

Umm, bunzip2(1) on NetBSD/i386 5.99.5 says:

% bunzip2 tt030-halt.img.bz2

bunzip2: Caught a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS whilst decompressing.


Could you have MD5 or SHA1 for it?
If it's a vaild bzip2 file, we might need another PR for it...
Izumi Tsutsui

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