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Re: port-i386/39299 said:
>    * without the patch, I get the following output:
>       0.739085/nan (sh) 

0.739... is a fixpoint of the cos() function, so if
everything works well, the variable doesn't change
much. The "nan" result shows that the calculation
of the cos() failed. In this case it is due to an
overflow of the i387 FP stack.

> * with your patch, I do not get any output

No output is good output - the function iterates
as it should.

> With NetBSD 4.99.72 running in Qemu, I do *not* get any output with and 
> without the patch - this is in contrast to the "real" machine!

Hmm - this could mean that qemu's i387 model does not
signal the stack overflow. That's likely a bug.

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