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Re: kern/38791 (routing socket event header not cleared)

On Jun 2, 12:21pm, (J.T. Conklin) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/38791 (routing socket event header not cleared)

| Michael van Elst <> writes:
| > Let me clarify this: by erasing the message you erase the contents
| > of the message that has been copied there two lines above with
| > m_copyback().
| >
| > E.g. in case of RTM_IFINFO messages you overwrite the whole message
| > with zeroes and thus break ifwatchd.
| I see, I missed that difference between the code documented in
| TCP/Illustrated and the NetBSD-current sources.  The original code did
| not take the data and datalen parameters, so there was nothing to over-
| write.  In the short term, I suggest reverting the change.  I'll take a
| second look later this evening.

I fixed it properly a couple of days ago.


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