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NetBSD AGM2023: Annual General Meeting, May 13, 21:00 UTC


In 2023, The NetBSD Foundation will hold its Annual General Meeting in
public, on Saturday, May 13th, at 21:00 UTC, in the #netbsd-agm channel
on - You can use your favorite Internet Relay Chat program

There will be various presentations about NetBSD, and a moderated Q&A

Tentative overall agenda:

- Welcome and introductions (board)
- Foundation administrivia (board, membership-exec, finance-exec, soc-admin)
- Technical direction (core, releng, security, pkgsrc-pmc)
- Project servers and services (admins, gnats)
- Publicity (www, marketing)
- Moderated Q&A

We will record a transcript for those unable to attend.  But if you
can, we look forward to seeing you there!

On behalf of the NetBSD Foundation Board of Directors

P.S.  Here is the time in a sampling of other time zones:

America/Los_Angeles     Sat May 13 14:00:00 PDT 2023
America/Denver          Sat May 13 15:00:00 MDT 2023
America/Winnipeg        Sat May 13 16:00:00 CDT 2023
America/New_York        Sat May 13 17:00:00 EDT 2023
Europe/London           Sat May 13 22:00:00 BST 2023
Europe/Berlin           Sat May 13 23:00:00 CEST 2023
Europe/Sofia            Sun May 14 00:00:00 EEST 2023
Europe/Moscow           Sun May 14 00:00:00 MSK 2023
Asia/Calcutta           Sun May 14 02:30:00 IST 2023
Asia/Bangkok            Sun May 14 04:00:00 +07 2023
Asia/Manila             Sun May 14 05:00:00 PST 2023
Asia/Tokyo              Sun May 14 06:00:00 JST 2023
Australia/Adelaide      Sun May 14 06:30:00 ACST 2023
Australia/Melbourne     Sun May 14 07:00:00 AEST 2023
Pacific/Auckland        Sun May 14 09:00:00 NZST 2023

To display the time in your time zone, run:

% TZ=MY/TIMEZONE date -d '2023-05-13 21:00Z'

With apologies for the awful time in some time zones, the Earth's
surface just doesn't want to line up with *everyone* under the Sun at
once, and 21:00 UTC won the coin-toss this year.

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