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pkgsrc-wip migration to git completed


As already mentioned in the release notes for pkgsrc-2015Q3, the
pkgsrc-wip repository migration has been completed.

After being hosted on Sourceforge (thanks!) for 12 years, we are now
hosting pkgsrc-wip ourselves (i.e., the NetBSD Foundation). The
repository has also been converted from CVS to git.

The migration was done using cvs2fossil (thanks, joerg!) and then
using a git fast-export stream created by fossil to import to git.
(All other methods I tried were less reliable.)

pkgsrc-wip never had any useful branches, but lots of vendor branches
created by our previous standard method of 'cvs import'ing packages.
Since these didn't have any useful information, we did not provide any
of the branches on the public git repository.

The new repository is available at;a=summary

and usage instructions are at

If you want to contribute, ask me for access. Find more information
about this at

Big thanks go to leot, mspo, and spz for the help!

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