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pkgsrc-wip migrating to, git


If everything goes as planned, the pkgsrc-wip CVS repository will be
converted to git and hosted on by end of September.

In July we cleaned up the repository so it can be converted easily;
since then we've been working on the infrastructure and details of the
conversion. The main tasks are now finished. We have set up a server
for it which hosts a preliminary git conversion[1] (on of
the CVS repository, created a mailing list for the commit messages[2][3],
pkgsrc-wip-changes, and prepared a list of authors[4] for the conversion.

We've also provided a conversion of pkgsrc-wip based on data from July
so that it can be tested on (nearly) live data. If you are interested
in beta-testing the setup, send a suggestion for a username and an SSH
public key to me. Details on how to test are on the NetBSD wiki[5] but
will probably change some more over time.

We still need help for the conversion: if you are or were a wip
contributor, please let me know

	     by September 15

what name and email to use for the conversion from CVS to git. This
conversion will not be done again, so after that date, the commit data
will be final.



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