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NetBSD 6.1_RC1 available for testing

The first release candidate of NetBSD 6.1 is now available for download at:

NetBSD 6.1 will be the first feature update for the NetBSD 6 branch. There
are many new drivers, some new features, and many bug fixes! Highlights

- Bugfixes and feature improvements to NPF, the NetBSD Packet Filter
- Improvements to several ARM platforms, including Raspberry Pi which now
  has nearly-complete support.
- Support for dtrace on amd64
- MIPS ports switched to gdb 7.3.1, gdb6 removed
- Additional device support in key drivers including wm(4), uftdi(4),
  mfi(4), bge(4), aac(4), tlp(4) and others.
- Various port-specific improvements to the amiga, arm, sparc64 and x68k

A complete list of changes can be found at:

Please help us test this and any upcoming release candidates as much
as possible. Remember, any feedback is good feedback. We'd love to hear
from you, whether you've got a complaint or a compliment.

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