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NetBSD 6.0_BETA2 available for testing.

On behalf of NetBSD developers, I'm happy to announce the availability
of the second (and final) public beta of NetBSD 6.0, for testing.

Binaries of NetBSD 6.0_BETA2 are available for download at:

ISO images and (for amd64 and i386) images suitable for installing from
USB sticks or other hard drives, and torrent files for downloading via
BitTorrent are available here:

We are very pleased with the state of NetBSD 6.0_BETA2.
With your help, we have made improvements since NetBSD 6.0_BETA.  A

- Fixed PR/39444
- fixes to hdaudio
- fixes to LFS
- fixed detaching ehci(4)
- PR/41673
- PR/44097
- Added the ability to configure RAIDframe components on raw disks.
- Fixed iwi(4) firmware decoding on bigendian platforms.
- more variants supported by mfi(4)
- PR/46217
- Prevent sshd from consuming all available entropy.
- Update pcc to pcc-20120325.
- Power management for bthub(4).
- PR/45829
- PR/46232
- PR/46120
- PR/46284
- Work around some AMD processor errata
- Fixed x86k boot problem
- PR/45131
- PR/46286
- PR/46221
- PR/46282
- PR/46146
- Added mpii(4) driver for LSI Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing
  Interface II SAS controllers.
- Many PUFFS fixes
- Several OpenSSL fixes
- PR/46325
- PR/46121
- PR/46391
- PR/41267
- PR/46360
- PR/46408
- PR/46419
- Added tgamma() and tgammaf() to libm
- Avoid a tools build error on Cygwin hosts
- many fixes for building with clang
- switched vax back to gcc 4.1
- Added new sysinst post-install config menu
- PR/46041
- PR/44092
- PR/46101
- PR/46457
- PR/43903

Please continue to report problems and to help us test!  We anticipate
the first Release Candidate of NetBSD 6.0 in late June/early July.

As always, please help us out by testing these changes and reporting
problems either to an appropriate mailing list, via send-pr, or via
the web form:

Thanks again for your help in making NetBSD 6.0 the best release yet!

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