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The New NetBSD Core Team

We take great pleasure in announcing that the NetBSD core team,
responsible for technical management within the NetBSD project, has
increased its numbers to seven.  This is to help in the running of a
project with an ever-growing source base and developer community, and
mirrors a similar change made to the board of directors, which has
worked extremely well.

To help with the running of the project, we have asked Antti Kantee
( and Chuck Silvers (, and 
they have
very kindly agreed to join the core team.  Antti is well known to many
both inside and outside the project, and has contributed many new and
exciting ideas, the most memorable and useful of these being the rump
kernel architecture.  Chuck is also well-known in NetBSD circles - his
work on UBC, and his recent update of the Linux emulation code are
just two examples of his contributions.

We therefore thank them both for their outstanding work to date, and
to their joining the core team to lead and guide progress in the future.

For the current core team:

        Alistair Crooks --
        Matt Green --
        Antti Kantee --
        Chuck Silvers --
        Yamamoto Takashi --
        Matt Thomas --
        Christos Zoulas --

Alistair Crooks
Mon Aug 16 7:12:19 PDT 2010

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