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Re: outage

Dear all,

ftp is back up, many thanks to everybody who helped in fixing its RAID

Special thanks go to ISC who loaned us space on a fast local NFS server,
which made the outage a much shorter experience.

FTP is now running:
NetBSD 4.99.67 NetBSD 4.99.67 (NBFTP.PF) 
which is a kernel with WAPBL (and we use WAPBL on a few filesystems that
will profit from it).

Expect this to be a bumpier ride than it was the months with 4.0; if it
doesn't crash we'll be rebooting for a new kernel about weekly anyway.
In exchange, we will be getting a better 5.0. :)

best regards,

PS: For the curious: a disk failed, and the RAID rebuild failed
in a quite unfortunate manner, probably due to the replacement disk
being a few blocks smaller than the other disks plus somewhat buggy old
firmware on the controller, and a software tool that didn't expect the
buggyness. / got shredded - we have backups, no data loss - and we had
to move everything off for the RAID to be remade, and on again.

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