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HEADS-UP: UDF write support

Dear folks,

as you might have read on the source-changes list, i've committed write 
support for NetBSDs UDF file system. It can now read and *write* files and 
directories on CD-R, CD-RW, CD-MRW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+MRW, 
(USB) flash media and harddisc partitions. Media like Iomega Rev should 
also work fine since they attach to the cd(4) device.

Rewritable media needs to be optionally blanked and then (packet) formatted 
first using the new mmcformat(8) tool. This will format the disc to be 
usable for UDF. For the drives that support it, you can also format CD-MRW 
and DVD+MRW wich give background formatting and a precieved error free 

For recordable media and non optical media a newfs_udf(8) is enough. See 
the manpage for the various options. Note that the UDF version specifying 
is still a bit odd, it needs to be done in hex.

As for recordable optical media, for formatting and newfsing you need to 
specify the specify the raw complete disc i.e. /dev/rcd0c or /dev/rcd0d (on 
i386, amd64).

For all other media (i.e. NOT optical media), one has the choice to 
completely use the disc by using the complete device extent or to use a 
partition scheme. newfs_udf(8) will use the complete partition specified.

Discs can be mounted with mount_udf(8). Supported options next to the UDF 
specific options are async and noatime.

Current limitations are that disc accounting is not done correctly yet so 
be carefull not to run out of space on disc and that writing to metadata 
partitions is not implemented yet. Also fsck_udf(8) is not yet finished, 
but will be added later.

With regards,

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