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NetBSD machines at Open Source Conference 2017 Fukuoka

The Japan NetBSD Users' Group members held booth
at the Open Source Conference 2017 Fukuoka on Oct. 7 2017:

NetBSD Fukuoka travel guide:

The NetBSD booth exhibited the following machines:

- Updating RPI image:

- Running NetBSD/x68k on XM6i with Raspberry PI3 NetBSD/earmv6hf

  RPI0/RPI/RPI2/RPI3 NetBSD/earmv6hf image:

- OrangePi One NetBSD/earmv7hf

  OrangePi One and RPI2/3 NetBSD/earmv7hf image:

More pictures are available on Togetter page:
 OSC2017 Shimane: Oct.14 Shimane,JAPAN

TUNE IN NEXT NetBSD,Same NetBSD-time,Same NetBSD-channel.
Jun Ebihara

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