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Re: Can we make it harder to get NetBSD?

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008, Christopher W. Richardson wrote:

> OK,
> I apologize in advance, 'cause this is really just a rant ... but we're
> a distributed project, and I feel the need to yell.

Your welcome! Rants can be useful if they provide detaileld descriptions 
of the problems and - ideally - concrete solutions.

> I went to, and clicked on "Get NetBSD" [...]

Please review again
I hope the page is clearer and less confusing now.

> [...] How about  OK, log in with anonymous ftp fine -- this is 
> a step in the right direction.  cd to pub/NetBSD/NetBSD/iso.  No dice. 
> Hrm.  cd pub. cd NetBSD. cd NetBSD.  Aha!  There's a typo in the URL on 
> the mirrors page.

The path

(and the link on the mirrors page) works for me. But there is indeed only 
the sourcecd-4.0.iso.torrent file available, all other ISOs and torrents 
are missing. We will contact the mirror admin.

> [...] Maybe it's just bad timing, and the server is
> down right now, and if I'd tried this in another couple of hours.

That was unfortunately the case. Please try again.

Many thanks for your rant and sorry for the inconveniences!

With best regards, Mark Weinem

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