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Re: About testing "self-buildability"


Anita 1.25 is now in pkgsrc, with a fix for the problem of mistaking
part of the output for a shell prompt.  So now anyone who has
the patience to try a full release build under qemu should be able to
do it by installing the latest anita and running something like this:

   anita --run "mkdir -p /usr/obj && cd /usr/src && ./ release" 
--disk-size 8G --memory-size 256M --sets 

If you are running Xen, you can run the test in a domU by
adding "--vmm xen" to the above command line and running it
as root in the dom0.

And if you are using qemu and want to keep the disk image containing
the build results and possible crash dump, you can add "--persist" to
the qemu command line.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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