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About testing "self-buildability"


First: the motivation for this is the bug partially described in kern/45361.
A new PR will follow, as it seems that NetBSD 6.0 BETA can not reliably
build itself in all settings (i.e. building the sources panics the system).
Some toolchain issues would likely fit to the picture as well.

So provided that there are enough hardware cycles to spare for a separate
run (i.e. not as part of the frequent Anita runs), maybe something like:

        1. Install via Anita and verify that the boot is ok.
           (With source sets or alternatively, fetch the sets from ftp.)

        2. Build the source and verify that the build is ok.

        3. Install the sources and verify that the second boot is ok.

Is this possible with Anita and what would be required?

- Jukka.

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