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ANNOUNCE: atf-0.15 released


The release 0.15 of ATF is now available for public consumption!

This new release comes with a few performance improvements, some bug
fixes, new M4 macros for easier integration of ATF into other projects
and new features in atf-run.  Remember that atf-run and atf-report are
maintenance mode in favor of Kyua.

The changes in this release are as follows:

* Respect stdin in atf-check.  The previous release silenced stdin for
  any processes spawned by atf, not only test programs, which caused
  breakage in tests that pipe data through atf-check.

* Performance improvements to atf-sh.

* Enabled detection of unused parameters and variables in the code and
  fixed all warnings.

* Changed the behavior of "developer mode".  Compiler warnings are now
  enabled unconditionally regardless of whether we are in developer mode
  or not; developer mode is now only used to perform strict warning
  checks and to enable assertions.  Additionally, developer mode is now
  only automatically enabled when building from the repository, not for
  formal releases.

* Added new Autoconf M4 macros (ATF_ARG_WITH, ATF_CHECK_C and
  ATF_CHECK_CXX) to provide a consistent way of defining a --with-arg
  flag in configure scripts and detecting the presence of any of the ATF
  bindings.  Note that ATF_CHECK_SH was already introduced in 0.14, but
  it has now been modified to also honor --with-atf if instantiated.

* Added timing support to atf-run / atf-report.

* Added support for a 'require.memory' property, to specify the minimum
  amount of physical memory needed by the test case to yield valid

* PR bin/45690: Force an ISO-8859-1 encoding in the XML files generated
  by atf-report so that invalid data in the output of test cases does
  not mangle our report.

Please visit the release page for links to the download:

Julio Merino

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