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Re: -Werror=unused-but-set-variable

On 8/11/11 10:41 AM, Emmanuel Fleury wrote:
>> Aha.  Actually, this should have worked on your side because the code
>> is currently using -Wall first and later -Wno-unused-parameters to
>> silence this part of -Wall.  Might this be a bug in gcc 4.6?
> Hmmm, I'm doubtful about it... I didn't heard about somebody "cleaning"
> the option parser recently... Though I'm not following gcc-dev very
> carefully, I admit.

Ah, I think I just misread the whole thing.  The subject line of your
email very clearly stated -Wunused-but-set-variable, which is a new
warning in GCC 4.6.  It is different than -Wunused-parameter!

I have just committed this giant revision:

which enables unused parameter tracking and suppresses "false
positives".  So far I have only tested it in OS X with clang, but will
do some more testing later (including Debian sid).


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