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Re: -Werror=unused-but-set-variable

On 8/11/11 3:41 AM, Emmanuel Fleury wrote:

On 08/11/2011 12:08 AM, Julio Merino wrote:

In the meantime, if you do 'configure --disable-developer' you will
disable all strict warning checks and you will also disable -Werror,
which should let you build the code successfully by ignoring any
warnings that arise.

I did "--disable-developer' when running the configure script and
everything went fine.

So, I guess this is the way to go for 'non-developer'.

But, I find a bit misleading the fact that the default value of the
'developer' state change depending on the version of the code.

My own preference would be to do it in a user-centric way where the
default should be set for the user (developer=false). But, maybe you
should choose once for all the default of this flag (except if this is
the usual way to go at NetBSD). :)

Well, if the default was false we wouldn't have found these problems ;-) And I doubt that anyone will do --enable-developer at all if the default is false.

That said, I know that -Werror is problematic for end users. An alternative would be to only enable -Werror on HEAD and disable it in all formal releases. I am now thinking that disabling -Werror should be separate from the use of all the other -W* flags though: i.e. always show messages but only treat them as errors if we are running from HEAD.

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