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ANNOUNCE: ATF 0.12 released

Dear users,

I am pleased to announce the availability of the 0.12 release of ATF.

The major changes in this version are:

* Added the ATF_REQUIRE_THROW_RE to atf-c++, which is the same as
  ATF_REQUIRE_THROW but allows checking for the validity of the exception's
  error message by means of a regular expression.

* Added the ATF_REQUIRE_MATCH to atf-c++, which allows checking for a
  regular expression match in a string.

* Changed the default timeout for test cases from 5 minutes to 30 seconds.
  30 seconds is long enough for virtually all tests to complete, and 5
  minutes is a way too long pause in a test suite where a single test case

* Deprecated the use.fs property.  While this seemed like a good idea in
  the first place to impose more control on what test cases can do, it
  turns out to be bad.  First, use.fs=false prevents bogus test cases
  from dumping core so after-the-fact debugging is harder.  Second,
  supporting use.fs adds a lot of unnecessary complexity.  atf-run will
  now ignore any value provided to use.fs and will allow test cases to
  freely access the file system if they wish to.

* Added the atf_tc_get_config_var_as_{bool,long}{,_wd} functions to the atf-c
  library.  The 'text' module became private in 0.11 but was being used
  externally to simplify the parsing of configuration variables.

* Made atf-run recognize the 'unprivileged-user' configuration variable
  and automatically drop root privileges when a test case sets
  require.user=unprivileged.  Note that this is, by no means, done for
  security purposes; this is just for user convenience; tests should, in
  general, not be blindly run as root in the first place.

For more details on this release as well as links to the new distribution file, please see:


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