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Re: private interface no more public

2010/11/1 Julio Merino <>:
> On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 6:21 PM, Stathis Kamperis 
> <> wrote:
>> Hi jmmv et al :)
>> With the advent of atf 0.11, If I'm right, the private headers are no
>> longer installed. I was using them to implement some helper functions.
>> See for example, here:
>> Since these private headers are gone for real, could we perhaps add
>> support for the get_config_var_as_{bool, long}() functions ?
> I've done this in 6957fb7560a5c9289355de88838ca45497bd2468.  Expect a
> new release by next weekend.

Thanks! Will wait for the next release to rebase my test suite.

> By the way, any reason you are not defining require.config in the
> metadata instead of using your custom print_undefined_var_msg
> function?

No reason, besides not been aware of it :) I will try it.


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