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ATF HEAD build failure with BSD make


With recent ATF HEAD sources, i cannot do a full build anymore, using
BSD make. It stops during AUTHORS/COPYING/etc... files generation.

make: don't know how to make AUTHORS. Stop

The problem comes from the build rules, which do use srcdir variable:

$(srcdir)/AUTHORS: $(srcdir)/doc/text/authors.txt
        cp $(srcdir)/doc/text/authors.txt $(srcdir)/AUTHORS

AFAIK, for BSD make and unlike GNU make, AUTHORS and ./AUTHORS are
different objects; leading to the seen error.

Removing all `$(srcdir)/' prefixes from build rules solves it.

njoly@lanfeust [temp/atf]> make
make  all-am
cp doc/text/authors.txt AUTHORS
cp doc/text/copying.txt COPYING
cp doc/text/news.txt NEWS
cp doc/text/readme.txt README
cp doc/text/install.txt INSTALL


NB: This is also very unfriendly for cases where builddir != srcdir
(and srcdir is on a read-only filesystem).

Nicolas Joly

Biological Software and Databanks.
Institut Pasteur, Paris.

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