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ATF 0.9 released (and website renewed)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce the availability of the
0.9 formal release of ATF!

It has only been a month since the last release, and releasing again
now feels premature given the past frequency of releases. However, I
would really like to reach a point of frequent releases as that adds
dynamism to the project. Also, it looks like the Trac installation and
the milestone planning in it do help in getting releases out of the
door in a more agile manner.

That said, the list of changes is not impressive but comes with some
simplifications and isolation improvements:

* Added atf-sh, an interpreter to process test programs written using
the shell API. This is not really a shell interpreter by itself
though: it is just a wrapper around the system shell that eases the
loading of the necessary ATF libraries.

* Removed atf-compile in favour of atf-sh.

* Added the use.fs metadata property to test case, which is used to
specify which test cases require file system access. This is to
highlight dependencies on external resources more clearly and to speed
up the execution of test suites by skipping the creation of many
unnecessary work directories.

* Fixed test programs to get a sane default value for their source
directory. This means that it should not be necessary any more to pass
-s when running test programs that do not live in the current

* Defining test case headers became optional. This is trivial to
achieve in shell-based tests but a bit ugly in C and C++. In C, use
the new ATF_TC_WITHOUT_HEAD macro to define the test case, and in C++

The SHA1 checksum for atf-0.9.tar.gz is:

And, as the previous news entry mentions, what has kept me busy the
most during the past month has been the new web site.

Just dive to

to see the new site or

to download the new release right away.


Julio Merino

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