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atf-compile gone; say hi to atf-sh!


A couple of weeks ago I removed atf-compile from head but forgot to
send an announcement here to gather comments.  This happened in
revision 993c1af0cc524a55ffa550ee9f4d589da3084b7c.

What I did was replacing atf-compile by atf-sh.  atf-sh is a simple
binary that acts as a shell: it just loads the atf sh code first and
then executes the user-provided script using the system sh
interpreter.  atf-sh can be used in the shebang line, so scripts need
just start with "#! /path/to/atf-sh" to implement the tests.

The idea behind this change was to simplify the process of creating
shell scripts and to simplify cross-building issues.  This means that
for example in NetBSD, we can kill the atf-compile instance from the
cross-build toolset, and we can simplify the build files to not do
anything at all for shell-based test programs and just hardcode
"#!/usr/bin/atf-sh" in their first line.

As a side effect, there is a tiny performance boost because test
programs don't need to bother looking for the auxiliary scripts
themselves: atf-sh knows where they are and can load them right away.

If you wanna raise any comments do it now, because 0.9 is ready to be
released very, very soon :-)


Julio Merino

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