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Re: Mailing bugs and commits

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 3:26 PM, Julio Merino <> 
> Hello,
> Yesterday I set up a new bug tracking system[1] that I hope gets some
> use (!), and today I've enabled email notifications for changes to
> bugs and submission of source changes (aka commit notifications).  At
> the moment I'm sending these notifications only to my email address
> (for testing purposes), but I'd like to make them public.
> How'd people feel about sending these to atf-devel?  Would they be too
> noisy and undesired?  I'm not sure about the volume yet, but you'd
> expect a few commits/bug changes per day during busy hack sessions,
> and generally silent otherwise.
> The other, more cleaner option, is: create an atf-log list that gets
> all these automated email.  (At this point, I feel that requesting
> atf-{changes,bugs} would be overkill.)

After some more thought, I will go and ask the NetBSD admins to set up
a separate mailing list.  It's true that the project is small, but
after the recent "increased" activity of this mailing list, I've seen
people leaving.  I don't want to add more clutter to some people's
inbox with stuff that they may not be interested in at all.

Julio Merino

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