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Mailing bugs and commits


Yesterday I set up a new bug tracking system[1] that I hope gets some
use (!), and today I've enabled email notifications for changes to
bugs and submission of source changes (aka commit notifications).  At
the moment I'm sending these notifications only to my email address
(for testing purposes), but I'd like to make them public.

How'd people feel about sending these to atf-devel?  Would they be too
noisy and undesired?  I'm not sure about the volume yet, but you'd
expect a few commits/bug changes per day during busy hack sessions,
and generally silent otherwise.

The other, more cleaner option, is: create an atf-log list that gets
all these automated email.  (At this point, I feel that requesting
atf-{changes,bugs} would be overkill.)

What do people prefer?  I tend to favor the second, but given the size
of the project, it may be too much.



Julio Merino

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