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Re: failures with NetBSD

On Mar 24, 2008, at 17:43 , Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

So I tried atf today on NetBSD HEAD as documented in the fortune(6)
netbsd-tips database.

Then you should be contacting, for example, tech-userlevel except for a couple of exceptions below that directly affect ATF. This list is for the development of ATF itself, not the tests that are in NetBSD. Anyway, let's answer this mail :-)

I am running NetBSD/amd64 4.99.55 (as of a few days ago).

Here I copy and past my failures:

    arch: Failed: amd64 != x86_64 (amd64 != x86_64)

Bleh, I did not notice this one here in amd64, but I did in shark. Will have to look at it.

atf/data/t_pkg_config (35/81): 2 test cases
version: Failed: pkg-config could not locate atf.pc; maybe need to set
build: Failed: pkg-config could not locate atf.pc; maybe need to set

Probably pkgsrc's fault. I guess its pkg-config does not have /usr/ lib/pkgconfig in its path (because we had never had this directory before, and because it helps in isolating pkgsrc builds from the whole system). I'm not sure what the appropriate solution is here, but if you set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to, e.g. /usr/lib/pkgconfig, it should work.

    normal: Failed: stdout does not match

strip: Failed: $stripped != ${line%%/\**} (#define bindir "/usr/ bin"
!= #define bindir ")

util/sh/t_set_e (75/81): 1 test cases
    all: Failed: Y1 != $result (Y1 != X1 Y0)

These have been failing since their addition (and they did fail even before the conversion to ATF). I guess I really have to add an "Expected failure" output for test cases (it's in the to-do list for 0.6), so that we can clearly mark those that we know are broken and thus prevent confusion to end users.

Kind regards.

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