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SoC Project: Convert NetBSD tests to ATF

Hi again,

[ This is not directly related to ATF as a self-contained project, but
  the interested parties are most likely here. ]

The NetBSD Project is, for the fourth time in a row, a mentoring
organization in the Google Summer of Code 2008 program.  As you may already
know, ATF was born in past year's issue as a framework to automate the
execution of the test cases in the NetBSD tree.  At that point, the NetBSD
tree already contained many test cases that did not have any underlying
framework for their implementation or execution.

One of the goals of that SoC 2007 project was to convert some of the
existing test cases to ATF to demonstrate the functionality of the new
framework.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the complexity in
the implementation of the framework itself, only very few test cases were
converted.  Nowadays, the NetBSD tree has a mixture of old and new tests
and, as many developers insist on developing non-ATF tests, the problem
will only get worse.

The idea of this year's SoC project is to work on converting all these old
test cases to the new framework.  Note that this will most likely also
require you to work on the ATF internals to add missing functionality or to
clean up existing code (e.g. interfaces, to make them easier to use).

The details of this project are in:

and instructions on how to apply are at the beginning of that page.

Looking forward to seeing your applications!

Julio M. Merino Vidal <>

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