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Re: removing xorg-server.old entirely

> we've been stuck at alpha, netwinder, sgimips, and vax still
> using xorg-server 1.10 default.
> alpha has working tga, but not working turbochannel fb as i
> understand it,

TURBOchannel ones may require monolithic server as sun3 and x68k
(old X11R6 servers still work on pmax on GXemul etc).

I'm not sure if TGA works with Xorg servers and xf86-video-tga, though.

> and i do not know the status of netwinder,
> sgimips or vax for this.

As per md.netwinder and md.vax in src/distrib/sets/lists/xserver/
both just use Xorg servers, so if both ports use only dumb bitmap
framebuffers without accelerations, newer xorg-server should just work
(as dreamcast etc.)

Some sgimips machines require drivers (xf86-video-newport?) that
use old XAA acceleration not available on newer Xorg, IIRC.
Izumi Tsutsui

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