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Afb cleanup and luna68k support (Re: Color support for wsfb/Amiga)

I wrote:

> > It would be great if we can support color X server on luna68k, which
> > also has "planer" framebuffer.
> It has been in my TODO long time, but I'll check if at least 8bpp one
> on my LUNA-II works, after current other tasks (atari and x68k etc.)
> are done.

Finally I've tried Afb planar changes on my LUNA-II with 8bpp board.

It just works fine, but I had to fix several implementation and
would like to commit several these changes.

My local changes are here:

As noted in the above change logs there include:

1) proper XORG_VERSION_CURRENT checks for HAVE_XORG_SERVER_VER=110 ports
   and define explicit "HAVE_SHADOW_AFB" macro for maintainability

2) fix mmap size length in planar cases without WSDISPLAYIO_GET_FBINFO
   (rin@ said amiga occationally worked because fbi_fbsize was preferred)

3) luna68k 8bpp planar support

Furthermore, I've tried to reduce diffs from upstream xf86-video-wsfb:

4) try to reduce diff from recent upstream xf86-video-wsfb
 - I wonder if we should also move xf86SetDefaultVisual() and
   xf86SetGamma() calls as upstream, though

5) use proper conditionals for xf86DisableRandR()
 - not sure if this gives benefits on XORG=110, just taken from
   other xf86-video drivers

If there is no particular objection, I would like commit theses changes
in a few days.

Izumi Tsutsui

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