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Re: Precise scrolling for wsmouse

> These are useful for scrolling with precise coordinates.
> The following diff adds support for HSCROLL and VSCROLL
> to our wsmouse(4) and synaptics(4), where it's used to provide
> much smoother two-finger and trackpoint scrolling.
> The synaptics driver also gets some simplification.
> I think this is much better than its previous state.

I wonder if it's acceptable to remove existing sysctl(9) node.
(I guess OpenBSD doesn't care their compatibilities)

> Also attached is a diff with the necessary changes to
> xf86-input-ws.

Just curious, does the xf86-input-ws consider about its Option "Rotate"
with these WSCONS_EVENTs?

Izumi Tsutsui

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