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re: default ctwm config thoughts

> i recently installed NetBSD with someone in real life and they visibly
> recoiled when the default twm started - it's pretty bad, and I think
> a lot of developers agree with that.
> somehow I recently got reminded that ctwm is in base, checked out the
> website, and noticed it's pretty configurable and can be made to look
> and behave half-decently.
> I'm quite tired of tiling window managers, so I've somehow ended up
> maining ctwm and wrote up a config. I had several goals:

thank you.

this was always the plan for ctwm (which was chosen years ago
mostly due to licensing issues with the rest), but we've been
waiting for someone to make this next step.

please make this the default.  then we can work on fine tuning
it as we go along, instead of still presenting basic twm.

thanks again!


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