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Re: amd64 8.0: mutable visuals don't work?

Back a little under a week ago, on the 13th, I wrote

> This time, the problem is that, it appears, mutable visuals simply
> don't work.  [...]

This turns out to be hardware-specific.  I found another machine,
running 8.0, on which my test program worked correctly.

And then, with those to compare, I managed to find that, if I boot -c
and "disable i915drmkms" and "disable intelfb", X runs and my
PseudoColor test works fine.  So either there is something broken in
the 8.0 kernel in one or both of those pieces or there is something
broken in the 8.0 X server that's tickled by one or both of those
pieces in the kernel; at this point I don't know which.  I'm now
building a kernel without those two, and, if the result works well
enough, I probably will have no mandate to dig into which (this is
being done as part of paying work).

Might this be worth sending-pr?  If so, any thoughts on whether kern or
xsrc would be the more useful category for it?

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