Subject: XFree86 vs
To: None <>
From: Valeriy E. Ushakov <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 12/15/2005 07:34:09
Core has considered the question of switching xsrc to instead of
XFree86.  We feel that targeting that switch for NetBSD 4.0 would be
problematic, because tree undergoes some major changes, like
e.g. switch to GNU auto-tools.  For NetBSD 4.0 at least we want to
stick with XFree86 as our xsrc, while continuing to track progress of, and porting fixes to our xsrc tree as necessary. continues to be available via pkgsrc.

In order to be able to switch to after NetBSD 4.0 the following
4 targets need to be met:

1. Cross-building

   Either by our existing reach-over framework, or auto-conf tools.
   src/x11 support for compiling is on the branch, but it needs
   to be updated for the new releases of

2. Stability of the code base has introduced quite a few regressions over XFree86 code.

3. Native server support

   While has support for newer and more cards, the
   cross-platform support is lacking.  We should try to port our
   existing servers that does not have.

4. Strategic direction of

   There is currently discussion within the project about
   deleting the pseudo-color display support code from the Xserver.
   Such changes will automatically break support for older hardware.
   While we understand that in the future older cards may not be
   supported we believe that this change is immature.  The earlier we
   start porting NetBSD servers (see #3), the more chances we have to
   have impact on that decision.

SY, Uwe (on behalf of core@)
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