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Re: new certificate stuff

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

> The critical part I had missed is that certctl can claim _either_ a
> directory it has already claimed, _or_ an empty directory, so it works
> for new installations and to update pristine but old installations.

Sorry, I should have said that out loud; I was thinking that.
> Let me know if any of this seems wrong, or if the implementation seems
> to behave differently from what I described.

Sounds good.

> Regarding etcupdate: I agree that interactive prompting is bad for
> deployment.  I don't actually use etcupdate myself, partly because it
> is too interactive but mainly because it can't do three-way merges --
> instead, I use a bespoke script called etcmerge that does three-way
> merges using the old and new etc.tgz.
> (Maybe some day I will propose to import this into base, but it needs
> a lot more polish and testing first, and some tweaks to the usage
> model which currently has too many things going on at once.)

You may also wish to look at etcmanage, which has a concept of marking
things manually maintained and handling all sorts of cases.  But it does
not merge.  So some logical merge of all of these would be good.

> But while I agree with your criticism of etcupdate, it's what we have
> in base and what we recommend in the guide.  So that's what we have to
> work with as a baseline to gauge the impact of changes like this on
> update procedures; it's hard to meaningfully gauge if I have to guess
> everything that anyone might try to do.

Yes, it's the standard approach, but there are a number of well-known
update workflows.

> That said, you're right that it's better not to create things that
> rely on the interactive prompt.

Thanks for adjusting; I think we're in a good place now.

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