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Re: Android-like NetBSD

Bruno Melo <> writes:

> Is it possible install a minimum NetBSD with no manpage, no compilers
> and toolchain and provide all these stuff as an external SDK and then
> being able to build pkgsrc software using this external SDK? I think
> this is what commercial systems like Android and iOS are
> doing. Android itself doesn't even provide a su command.

You can:

  install a normal netbsd system and build packages

  install on another machine only "base.tgz" (and kernel) and not the
  rest, and install binary packages.  That might work, or mostly work,
  and you might need a few more sets.

As for 'external SDK', that would be "install some other OS and cross
build", but when you cross build for android or ios, you do that from a
system which is a full install.

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