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Modern cryptographic algorithms to netpgp, netpgpverify


I'm contacting you regarding this project
<>, which I found on
the NetBSD project list. I would like to work on this as a study project
with the help of my university professor.

The description is pretty straightforward and I imagine there is not much
to say, but before starting to work on it I just wanted to ask if there is
any other information, guidelines or anything that could be useful and
relevant. Eventually a detailed description, or pointing out some files in
the source, or really anything that might be helpful.

I've noticed there was another question regarding this project, without any
response, that's why I've added some other addresses to CC and I also would
like to ask if there is somebody who I can contact in case of some specific
situations, if really necessary.

Thank you in advance,
David Dudas

David-Patric DUDAS


Informatică în limba română | Licență, anul III

Facultatea de Matematică și Informatică
[image: facebook] <>


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