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Re: Trivial program size inflation

On Sun, Jul 02, 2023 at 01:20:51AM +0000, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 01, 2023 at 02:25:03PM +0000, RVP wrote:
> > Not to forget the code for C++ support. And, of course even static
> > binaries may call dlopen() and friends. So that dl*() and the ELF bits
> > right there.
> At least in 9.3, dlopen() in a static binary does not work. Try using 
> a NSS module from a statically lunked binary to check that.

It does work in the sense that it always fails. I proposed a long time
ago that we should support it in a limited form to be able to rip out a
lot of complexity from NSS and PAM code: you can compile a list of
modules in and have those register exported symbols for use with dlsym,
but that's it. I certainly don't want to do the kind of dynamic linking
emulation that glibc has in its static libc.


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