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Re: NetBSD 10 and NetBSD 11...

Le Wed, May 17, 2023 at 11:29:43AM -0700, Jason Thorpe a écrit :
> > On May 17, 2023, at 11:21 AM, wrote:
> > 
> > I don't know on what mailing list to ask this...
> > 
> > I have seen on the web site that changes to 10 have stopped in february
> > and that changes are now for 11...
> > 
> > Does this mean that 10 will never be released and that the focus is on
> > 11 now?
> There have been a steady stream of bug fixes from the trunk being pulled into the netbsd-10 release branch.  I don't have knowledge of releng@'s plans vis a vis a release date.

Thanks for the answer.

It seems that there are difficulties, at least from my location
(France), with the NetBSD site now (every page redirected is in
error in Firefox while trying to download the very same page with
ftp(1) succeeds...), so I have a very partial view of the
infos online.

But the fact that the advertised list of changes for 10 stops at
February 2023 is probably something the webmaster(s) should look
at: it's a bit confusing/disturbing...
        Thierry Laronde <tlaronde +AT+ polynum +dot+ com>
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