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Re: alloca again

> If you would like to contribute to an effort to fumigate pkgsrc for
> alloca uses, please go ahead.  [...]  However, iirc you won't touch
> pkgsrc for some reason :-p

Not so much "won't" has "have no reason to".  pkgsrc, at least last I
checked, makes no attempt to be useful to me, to support NetBSD older
than a version or two.  I am not quixotic enough to try to take on
building hundreds or thousands of packages, (almost?) all of which I
have no use for, on my systems.  (To be clear, for all that this is a
failing of pkgsrc from the perspective of my use case, it is a totally
understandable one and I do not fault them for making that choice.)

It *is* true that even when I tracked -current I didn't use pkgsrc.
That was long enough ago I no longer clearly recall why not; trying to
reconstruct why, what I come up amounts to "too much effort for the
benefit": bludgeoning pkgsrc packages into building on my systems was
more effort than it was worth in the few cases where pkgsrc had
anything I was interested in - and, even then, once pkgsrc was no
longer interested in 1.4T, it was of sharply limited value to me in any

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