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Re: ZFS - mounting filesystems

On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 04:54:59PM +0100, Edgar Fuß wrote:
> > I don't see a real problem with deciding to mount all local filesystems 
> > (marked auto of course) at mouncritlocal time.
> What if /usr is on NFS and /usr/local is local?

General case: you mount something that whetever order mounts earlier
on a mountpoint that apperas later.

Simple workaround: mark it as noauto in /etc/fstap, and put

@reboot /sbin/mount -a
(or specific lines, like 
@reboot /sbin/mount /usr/local
) into /etc/crontab

I don't really want to propose /etc/fstab.d/ with snippets
with PROVIDES and BEFORE and AFTER rules, processable by
rcorder. Actually, this can easily be done within rc.d


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