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Re: ZFS - mounting filesystems (Was CVS commit: src/etc)

Paul Goyette <> writes:

>> Do we have any valid need to have non-critical local filesystems?
> Well, I have a dedicated filesystem for builds, separate from my
> OS.  The /build happens to be my nvme SSD.
> Building (or being able to build) is not critical to having the
> machine running (and receiving mail).
> So, yeah, I think non-critical local filesystems are meaningful.

Yes, but I think the big question is:

  if that filesystem got mounted during boot where mountcritlocal
  happens now, woudl anything bad happen

  if that filesystem can't be mounted, does the boot fail now, just
  later, or is there some meaningful resilience.

I have a machine with a USB disk and I put /d0 as "noauto" and kick off
a script to try to mount it.  So if the USB disk fails, is disconnected,
doesn'tt have power, the (remote unattended) machine still boots.

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