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Re: crypt_r()?

Am Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 05:25:10PM -0800 schrieb Konrad Schroder:
> Of course the clearest use-case for crypt_r(3) is a password cracker: each
> thread sets up its own local memory and blasts through calls to crypt_r(3)
> as fast as it can.  I've run a cracker as a white-hat.  But I can see not
> wanting to add the capability to base if that's the only convincing use
> case.

If you are using a general CPU to do password cracking, you don't care
about performance or efficiency anyway. It's a micro-optimisation for a
use case that is not that relevant anyway. Given that malloc will cache
any reasonable small allocation anyway, we are talking about a few dozen
or 100 cpu cycles for an operation that is expected to take several
orders of magnitude more. It's not even background noise.


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