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Re: Request for review: librefuse overhaul for supporting more filesystems

Follow-up: I'm going to commit this on this weekend:

It's been updated in reaction to comments given to it. Thank you for your help.

On 1/13/22 10:20 AM, PHO wrote:

I've been working on an overhaul of librefuse to support wider range of API versions while also retaining ABI compatibility. In fact it now supports all the API variants from the oldest FUSE 1.1 to the latest FUSE 3.10. It *should* be now easier to support future API versions as well.

I tested my patches against all of pkgsrc filesystems/fuse-* and confirmed that they actually work, or at least they compile without #ifdef's they currently have. (Some of the packages had patches to accommodate to the past broken state of librefuse and I had to conditionalize them, which is mostly my fault because it's me who sorta broke librefuse.)

So the question is, can anyone review this... huge mess? Here are the patches that can damage your brain and sanity, also attached to this mail:

<rant>It's a huge mess because... let's just say FUSE API isn't very carefully designed. Every time they add something to the API, they always do it with the least possible extensibility, and then later fix it by introducing a breaking change to the API, again with the least possible... Ugh.</rant>

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