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Re: Private library dependencies

On Fri, 8 Oct 2021, nia wrote:

> I'm trying to make the MKARGON2 stuff work properly with a release
> build.
> Since libuv was made into a private library for BIND, I thought it
> would be a good model to follow.
> However, when libcrypt builds, I get the following:
> nbmake[7]: nbmake[7]: don't know how to make /home/nia/obj/external/apache2/argon2/lib/libargon2/libargon2_pic.a.
>  Stop
> What am I doing wrong?

you didn't make libargon2_pic.a first?  can't link without dependency 
already built..

not sure how you are getting to the stage "when libcrypt builds", and my 
sources are older but I see that lib/Makefile has libcrypt in the first 
tranche, so if you are depending on something it might need to build that 
first then move libcrypt after a barrier?  I see that bind is built after 
libuv in that way..


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