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Re: inetd enhancements - config syntax

> The reason to have a suffix and only read files with that suffix is
> that there are lots of ways to get extra files in the directory that
> the user didn't mean for you to read, and ~98% of the time they won't
> have the right suffix so filtering by suffix is a good way to skip
> them and avoid trouble.

...and most of the 2% are files you don't want to read even if they do
have the right singax.

> This doesn't just mean foo.conf~ files left behind by emacs,

Some versions of emacs, maybe.  ("emacs" is not a single thing.)  The
emacs I use would leave foo.conf= and, in rarer circumstances,
#CKP#foo.conf - and either of them would contain something similar
enough to foo.conf that it would be a bad idea to include it.

> Alternatively you could put the glob in the include explicitly (that
> is, "include dir/*.conf"

This, I think, is the only sane way to do this.  Then, at least, the
admin is in a position to alter it as appropriate without needing to go
grubbing around in the source.  *I* am fine with hacking on the source,
maybe, but even I usually prefer to not need to.

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